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All-time Wins by School

At least 500 wins

All-TimeSchoolRecord ('19)Win%
1LOUISVILLE MALE TRADITIONAL 906-330-49 (14-1-0)72.412
2MAYFIELD 901-258-32 (13-2-0)76.994
2HIGHLANDS901-245-26 (6-5-0)77.986
4PADUCAH TILGHMAN 794-340-25 (8-5-0)69.586
5DANVILLE 789-262-34 (3-7-0)74.286
6ST XAVIER777-306-20 (8-5-0)71.351
7OWENSBORO 760-387-30 (12-2-0)65.845
8BOWLING GREEN 711-341-35 (9-4-0)67.019
9ASHLAND BLAZER708-405-41 (10-3-0)63.128
10DUPONT MANUAL 689-469-37 (9-3-0)59.205
11SOMERSET 676-380-4363.467
12HOPKINSVILLE 666-485-33 (9-4-0)57.644
13HAZARD 657-344-20 (6-6-0)65.328
14MIDDLESBORO 656-361-30 (8-4-0)64.088
15GLASGOW 654-388-29 (10-2-0)62.418
16LOUISVILLE TRINITY636-169-7 (13-2-0)78.756
17MURRAY 634-396-31 (8-4-0)61.216
18BARDSTOWN 630-287-16 (10-3-0)68.382
19RUSSELL 616-376-24 (9-3-0)61.811
20PAINTSVILLE 612-361-27 (11-4-0)62.550
21PRESTONSBURG 590-391-22 (2-8-0)59.920

Coaches, all-time & active, by Wins

At least 300 wins

All-TimeActiveCoachRecord ('19)Win%YearsSeasonsWins Per SeasonSchool/Area
11Philip Haywood450-137-0 (11-3-0)76.6611976-current 4410.227Belfry -
2Dudley Hilton345-101-077.354 359.857 Bell County -
2Bob Schneider345-183-265.2831966-09 447.841 Newport Central Catholic KY - Retired January 2010
42Ivan McGlone344-171-366.6991973-current 428.190 Russell, Huntington Vinson WV -
5Mike Glaser336-78-081.1591982-12 3110.839 St. Xavier - Retired December 2012
6Bob Redman317-115-073.380 359.057 Louisville Male -

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