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Recent Additions to our Videos:

Players Target Official

These two players were apparently mad at the official for what they thought was a bad call. So obvious! Hopefully they will be banned for the rest of their high school careers.

Brookwood, Where You At?

Atlanta (GA) schools Brookwood and Grayson are meeting in a big Class AAAAA showdown. Watch the video for the game lead-up.

Westerville Central (Ohio) Pre-Game

Westerville Central High's pre-game includes Harleys and a hawk. Check it out!

"The Boys of Fall" by Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney sings about the "Boys of Fall", the heroes of small towns.

Coach! Wrong ball!

OK, so maybe it is legal in high school!!

You gotta watch the ball!!

Who has the football? Oh, he does!

Runner Hurdles Defender

Sam McGuffie scores his 7th touchdown of the night by jumping over the safety.

Not High School, But Makes You Think..

Would this play be legal in high school football?

2 TDs in 5 Seconds

HOLY MOLY 2 Tds in 5 seconds .One of the best Comebacks in High school football Ever from check it out

Ballcarrier Swaps Helmet During Play?

The ball carrier get hit and ends up with the other teams helmet on his head instead of his own.

Amazing Last Second Win Between Rivals

For years there has been a very heated rivalry between Rock Valley Conference High School Teams. This game was the second round playoffs in Wisconsin. Evansville has beat out Brodehead in Conference for the past 5 years, but 3 out of the past 4 playoffs Brodhead has knocked off Evansville. This one is for all the past Evansville players.

Confusion Abounds in Playoff Game:

To set the scene, Lincoln County and Hawkinsville are playing at Lincolnton's Buddy Bufford Field in a 2006 Georgia Class A playoff game. LC is leading 21-7, and had just forced a punt by Hawkinsville from deep in its endzone. LC fair caught the ball at the Hawkinsville 32 with 18 seconds left in the second quarter. Then the fun began. Click on the video and see the confusion...

(Both teams are Red Devils, and their one and only previous meeting was in the 2003 finals.)

In high school and the NFL, a team is allowed a free kick after a fair catch. The last successful kick in the NFL was in the late 1960's, with a few unsuccessful attempts since. Lincoln County Head Coach Larry Campbell conjured this one up without any practice. He explained it to sophomore kicker Vance Tarver, who booted the 42-yard field goal for 3 points to extend the halftime lead to 24-7. The officials ackowledged it was in the rule book, but none of them, and probably no one else at the game, had ever since this happen in a game. Lincoln won the game 31-7 and three weeks later won their second consecutive state championship.

The kicker, Vance Tarver, would go on to complete all 3 free kick field goals he attempted during his high school career.

Maybe The Most Amazing Finish to a HS Game

They Didn't Think They Would Get Away With That, Did They?

The head coach could not have thought he would get away with this "trick" play. It's the last play of the last game of the season. HIs team is down 7-0. The play doesn't work any way, ending in an interception that preserves the victory. Fro the obvious cheating attempt, the GHSA fined the school $250 and puts the head coach under probation for the following season.