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All-time Wins by School

At least 500 wins

All-TimeSchoolRecord ('13)Win%
1AMARILLO H S744-334-22 (7-6-0)68.636
2HIGHLAND PARK736-275-27 (7-5-0)72.206
3PLANO SR H S734-330-47 (7-4-0)68.182
4TEMPLE H S705-338-52 (7-4-0)66.758
5MART H S702-341-42 (10-4-0)66.636
6CORSICANA HIGH SCHOOL682-374-43 (2-8-0)64.013
7BROWNWOOD H S679-348-20 (4-7-0)65.807
8CUERO H S668-354-37 (8-4-0)64.825
9HONDO H S666-319-31 (6-5-0)67.077
10LONGVIEW H S665-332-53 (11-2-0)65.857
11YOE 660-336-41 (15-1-0)65.622
12JOHN TYLER H S658-363-41 (7-4-0)63.889
12REFUGIO 658-261-31 (14-2-0)70.895
14LUFKIN H S656-333-37 (5-6-0)65.741
15WICHITA FALLS H S649-378-47 (8-6-0)62.616
16ABILENE H S647-370-32 (3-7-0)63.203
16GARLAND H S647-351-50 (5-5-0)64.122
16PORT ARTHUR MEMORIAL647-325-58 (8-4-0)65.631
19SWEETWATER H S639-380-30 (4-6-0)62.345
20EL CAMPO H S637-309-38 (7-3-0)66.667
21HARLINGEN H S629-293-37 (10-2-0)67.518
22GROVETON J H-H S618-284-3467.842
23ALBANY JR-SR H S612-308-3066.000
23BRECKENRIDGE H S612-353-3762.924
25GILMER H S608-366-3961.945
26VERNON H S607-373-3861.493
27BALLINGER H S606-333-2964.101
27SHERMAN 606-397-4459.981
29LITTLEFIELD H S605-290-2767.082
30BAY CITY H S599-359-3262.121
31AUSTIN H S598-430-3557.902
32STAMFORD 596-343-3163.041
33CHILDRESS H S593-384-2860.398
34BLOOMINGTON H S591-408-4758.748
35TAYLOR 589-383-3860.198
36BRENHAM 578-359-3561.265
37JASPER H S575-357-3761.249
37STEPHENVILLE H S575-361-2661.123
37CORPUS CHRISTI MILLER575-399-4258.661
40GAINESVILLE H S571-402-4058.342
40MCGREGOR H S571-364-3860.637
43MASON H S563-376-3459.609
44SONORA H S562-319-2963.352
45MARSHALL H S561-437-4555.944
46LEE H S560-350-3861.076
46WINK H S560-324-1963.068
48SCHULENBURG H S559-344-2661.572
49ALICE H S557-372-3359.615
49DAINGERFIELD H S557-316-2563.419
49HUNTSVILLE H S557-418-4356.827
52DENISON H S556-429-4456.171
52TEXAS H S556-386-3058.745
54WAXAHACHIE H S555-434-2955.943
55TIVY H S549-378-3158.925
56UVALDE H S548-368-4759.346
57SAN ANGELO CENTRAL547-423-4556.108
58BARBERS HILL H S546-288-2764.983
58CELINA H S546-238-1869.202
58CLIFTON H S546-326-3962.075
58CROCKETT H S546-377-3258.848
62DONNA 544-352-3060.367
62PORT NECHES-GROVES H S544-330-3361.797
64DEVINE 543-362-3259.658
65MARLIN H S542-427-3555.727
66LA MARQUE H S540-237-1769.081
66ROGERS H S540-290-2164.689
68CRAWFORD H S539-239-2968.587
68FORNEY H S539-338-2061.204
68SAN ANTONIO JEFFERSON539-473-4553.122
71SINTON H S538-372-3858.755
72MCKINNEY 537-429-4355.352
72PILOT POINT H S537-278-3165.307
74NEW BRAUNFELS H S536-363-2059.412
74WACO H S536-301-3863.429
76BRADY H S535-399-2057.128
76ENNIS H S535-404-3256.746
78BELTON H S532-398-4056.907
79HULL-DAISETTA H S531-328-3561.353
79PERRYTON H S531-336-2560.930
81GRAHAM H S529-426-4055.176
82FLOYDADA H S528-366-2858.785
83LEWISVILLE H S525-310-2562.500
84BELLVILLE H S524-339-2460.428
85CONROE H S523-404-2956.224
85MEXIA H S523-415-3655.544
85ROSCOE H S523-362-2958.807
88WHITE OAK H S520-286-2664.063
89COLUMBUS 518-342-2659.932
90ROCKWALL H S517-373-3157.818
91ATLANTA H S514-363-7257.956
92BALL H S511-425-3454.433

Coaches, all-time & active, by Wins

At least 300 wins

All-TimeActiveCoachRecord ('13)Win%YearsSeasonsWins Per SeasonSchool/Area
1G. A. Moore423-97-980.8131962-04, 09-11 469.196 Aubrey, Pilot Point - Retired 2011
21Phil Donaher400-98-480.0801974-current 419.756Calallen -
3Gordon Wood396-91-1580.3781940-85 468.609 Texas -
4Elbert Wright361-126-1773.3131954-92 1994-99458.022 Texas -

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