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All-time Wins by School

At least 500 wins

All-TimeSchoolRecord ('13)Win%
1EAST ST LOUIS SENIOR 737-188-36 (9-4-0)78.564
2CHICAGO MT CARMEL708-227-31 (13-1-0)74.896
3ARCOLA 672-329-40 (3-6-0)66.475
4WHEATON WARRENVILLE SOUTH H S671-260-26 (8-3-0)71.473
5TUSCOLA 668-321-43 (5-5-0)66.812
6CARTHAGE 660-296-54 (6-4-0)68.020
7CHAMPAIGN CENTRAL655-342-41 (3-6-0)65.077
8ROCK ISLAND 642-385-46 (8-2-0)61.976
9DARNELL GENESEO640-294-19 (12-2-0)68.153
10WILMETTE LOYOLA637-348-42 (12-2-0)64.070
11JOLIET CATHOLIC634-290-23 (10-2-0)68.163
12OAK PARK & RIVER FOREST SCH630-380-38 (9-2-0)61.927
13BLOOMINGTON 627-404-51 (6-4-0)60.305
14NORMAL COMMUNITY 601-336-3363.660
14PEORIA 601-420-5958.380
16MORRIS COMMUNITY 594-346-3162.770
17LANE TECHNICAL 591-262-2968.651
18NAPERVILLE CENTRAL 588-305-1865.532
19MT CARMEL584-277-3167.209
20CASEY-WESTFIELD 583-280-1667.235
21CARLINVILLE 578-305-4164.773
22GREENFIELD 572-396-3758.756
22STERLING 572-351-4461.427
24AUBURN 570-316-2663.925
25ALEDO 564-294-2365.323
26DANVILLE 562-391-3558.654
27DUQUOIN 561-282-2965.998
28SACRED HEART GRIFFIN557-232-1870.136
29STOCKTON SR 548-269-3266.431
30PONTIAC 545-360-4559.737
31HARRISBURG 544-386-2958.238
32SPRINGFIELD 543-419-4556.157
33LA SALLE-PERU TWP 539-388-3657.840
34ROBINSON 538-378-4158.359
36PITTSFIELD 531-345-3360.231
37OTTAWA TOWNSHIP 527-396-4156.795
38WEST AURORA 525-482-5952.017
39ELGIN 521-483-6051.786

Coaches, all-time & active, by Wins

At least 300 wins

All-TimeActiveCoachRecord ('13)Win%YearsSeasonsWins Per SeasonSchool/Area
11Frank Lenti339-60-084.9621984-current 3110.935Mt. Carmel -
22Ken Leonard324-67-082.8641984-current 3110.452Springfield (Sacred Heart-Griffin) Gridley -
3Gary Korhonen315-98-076.2711964-65, 1972-07 388.289 Elkader IA, Oak Lawn IL - Retired 2007
33Rich Zinanni315-122-072.0821975-current 407.875Kankakee (McNamara) -
5Bron Bacevich300-89-1676.0491933-49, 52-53 1915.789 Illinois - Retired 1953
5Matt Senffner300-114-172.4101968-05 387.895 New Lenox (Providence) - Retired 2005

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