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Georgia Teams, All-time Games Played

At least 600 games played

All-TimeSchoolGames playedRecord ('15)Win%
1Valdosta1148896-218-34 (5-2-0)79.530
2Thomasville1070693-331-46 (1-5-0)66.916
3Fitzgerald1058624-401-33 (6-0-0)60.539
4LaGrange1052693-328-31 (3-4-0)67.348
5Americus-Sumter1045626-387-32 (2-5-0)61.435
6Marist1038673-327-38 (5-2-0)66.667
7Clarke Central1036706-308-22 (2-4-0)69.208
8Gainesville1033726-284-23 (4-2-0)71.394
9Colquitt County1028625-371-32 (7-0-0)62.354
10Washington-Wilkes1027636-358-33 (2-4-0)63.535
11Albany1015509-472-34 (0-7-0)51.823
12Marietta1006598-381-27 (1-5-0)60.785
12Lincoln County1006727-256-23 (6-0-0)73.410
14Tift County999552-418-29 (5-2-0)56.707
15Cartersville985644-318-23 (6-0-0)66.548
16Cairo982622-323-37 (2-3-0)65.224
17Benedictine977545-398-34 (6-0-0)57.523
18Statesboro973636-300-37 (1-5-0)67.266
19Glynn Academy956539-383-34 (5-2-0)58.159
20Bainbridge955467-450-38 (7-0-0)50.890
21Savannah951440-466-45 (2-5-0)48.633
22Thomson944615-292-37 (5-1-0)67.108
23Dalton942656-258-28 (5-2-0)71.125
24Dublin919593-298-28 (5-2-0)66.050
25Commerce889573-294-22 (3-3-0)65.692
26Trion865518-328-19 (5-1-0)60.983
27Carrollton864626-215-23 (3-3-0)73.785
28Screven County845446-372-27 (6-1-0)54.379
29Mary Persons812571-236-5 (6-0-0)70.628
29Manchester812513-281-18 (4-2-0)64.286
31Calhoun793443-348-2 (7-0-0)55.990
33Hawkinsville757438-304-15 (4-3-0)58.851
34Charlton County755426-316-13 (4-1-0)57.285
35Southwest DeKalb743480-249-14 (2-4-0)65.545
36Tucker739510-215-14 (4-3-0)69.959
37Seminole County738388-336-14 (1-5-0)53.523
38Johnson County732398-322-12 (3-4-0)55.191
39Jefferson728428-278-22 (7-0-0)60.302
40Camden County718491-215-12 (7-0-0)69.220
41Clinch County709413-278-18 (5-1-0)59.520
42Warner Robins706483-212-11 (5-1-0)69.193
43Bowdon705434-257-14 (2-4-0)62.553
44Roswell703425-271-7 (6-0-0)60.953
45Miller County690344-328-18 (3-3-0)51.159
45Westminster690432-249-9 (3-3-0)63.261
47Lovett679452-227-0 (3-4-0)66.568
48Appling County668356-297-15 (3-3-0)54.416
48Irwin County668381-271-16 (3-2-1)58.234
50Morgan County663405-242-16 (3-3-0)62.293
51Laney 659391-254-14 (4-2-0)60.395
52Thomas County Central649389-251-9 (4-2-0)60.632
53Adairsville627341-275-11 (5-1-0)55.263
54McEachern617373-234-10 (5-1-0)61.264
55Northside 609443-160-6 (6-0-0)73.235

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Information from several sources, including Georgia High School Football Historians Website -

Special thanks to ATallTexan at for developing and maintaining the national list through the 2009 season.

Note: winning percentage is calculated by adding half the number of ties to the number of wins: win% = (wins + ties/2) divided by (wins + losses + ties)