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National Coaches, Most Wins at Same School

At least 300 wins

All-TimeActiveCoachRecord ('14)Win%YearsSeasonsWins Per SeasonSchool/Area
11John McKissick612-151-1379.7041952-current 639.714Summerville -
22John T. Curtis530-56-690.0341969-current 4611.522John Curtis -
3Larry Campbell477-85-384.6901972-2013 4211.357 Lincoln County -
43Mike Smith444-77-285.0861971-current 4410.091Hampton -
54Corky Rogers434-77-184.8631968-current 479.234The Bolles School, Jacksonville FL -
6Al Fracassa431-121-777.7281963-2013 518.451 Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice -
75John Herrington402-94-180.9861970-current 458.933Farmington Hill, Harrison MI -
86Robert Hyland401-102-279.6041971-current 449.114Fond du lac St Mary's Springs WI -
9Bob Ladouceur399-24-394.0141979-2012 3411.735 Concord De La Salle, CA - Retired at age 58 with 94% winning percentage.
10Willie Varner383-132-1073.9051954-96 438.907 Woodruff -
117Curt Bladt382-45-089.4611978-current 3710.324Harlan IA -
128Philip Haywood375-125-075.0001976-current 399.615Belfry -
13Vic Paternostro373-67-584.3821968-10 438.674 Pope John - Passed away in 2012
14Jerry Brewer368-105-277.6841960-02 438.558 Jasper -
15Frank McClellan367-77-482.3661968-05 389.658 Barton -
16Red Franklin366-76-882.2221924-58 3510.457 Haynesville -
17Howie Vogts364-124-1074.0961953-65, 67-09 566.500 Bethpage NY - Deceased 2010
18Marijon Ancich361-137-472.3111961-05, 2009-11 487.521 St. Paul CA, Santa Fe Springs - Retired after 2011 season
18Warren Wolf361-121-1174.3411958-08 517.078 Brick -
20Terry Malone360-117-875.0521956-03 487.500 Hamilton Badin -
219Chuck Lenahan356-70-183.4891971-current 448.091Plymouth -
2210Jim Roth354-60-285.3371984-current 3111.419Southern Columbia Area -
22Carlton Flatt354-68-183.8061971-98 2002-063310.727 Brentwood Academy -
2210Tom Stone354-103-177.4021967-current 487.375Packwood Pekin, IA -
25Dan Pitts346-109-475.8171959-97 398.872 MaryPersons - Retired 1997
25Pinky Babb346-86-2478.5091935-81 477.362 Greenwood SC -
27Dudley Hilton345-101-077.354 359.857 Bell County -
27Bob Schneider345-183-265.2831966-09 447.841 Newport Central Catholic KY - Retired January 2010
2912Tom Mach344-88-079.6301976-2010 359.829Detroit Catholic Central -
30Tom Jaworski343-92-078.8511972-10 398.795 Creighton Prep - Retired after 2010 season
31Chris Geesman339-66-383.4561965-02 388.921 Mishawaka Penn IN -
3113Vincent O'Connor339-179-1165.1231953-current 625.468Fresh Meadows St. Francis NY -
33Mike Glaser336-78-081.1591982-12 3110.839 St. Xavier - Retired December 2012
34Al Hetrick334-95-477.5981968-06 398.564 Versailles OH -
3514Sam Harp332-112-074.7751981-current 349.765Lebanon -
36Dewey Sullivan323-80-280.0001965-02 388.500 Dayton OR -
36Pat Mancuso323-100-1475.5151955-96 427.690 Ohio -
38Brent Steuerwald319-90-477.7241968-11 447.250 Shenendehowa NY -
3915Chuck Smith318-65-083.0291980-current 359.086St. Mary's Colgan -
40Bill Chappell317-74-980.3751964-96 339.606 Dalton - Retired 1996
40Bob Redman317-115-073.380 359.057 Louisville Male -
42Donald Howell314-73-280.9771965-98 349.235 Hobart, IN -
43Karl Kiefer309-138-369.0001965-05 417.537 McClintock, Phoenix Mountain Pointe, AZ -
4416Chuck Kyle308-73-180.7591983-current 329.625St. Ignatius -
44Leo "Smokey" Boyd308-116-472.4301953, 1956-99 456.844 Saginaw Nouvel, MI -

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Information has been compiled from many sources.

Note: winning percentage is calculated by adding half the number of ties to the number of wins: win% = (wins + ties/2) divided by (wins + losses + ties)